About Us

Michael Gabriel was launched in 2012 with  - The Suzanne bracelet ~ designed for pancreatic cancer in loving memory of The Legendary Director of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Suzanne Mitchell. Once the story commenced it has been embraced by many! 

Meet Toni. Toni a single mom, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who’s illustrious creations enhance the unique beauty of each unique woman.

Toni a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader from 1980 to 1984. Also a member of the DCC tour group on behalf of the DOD/USO. Traveling across the World to bring a little bit of home to the service men and women stationed in Korea, Phillippines, Cubic Bay, Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Turkey, Greece, Sicily, Beruit, Sinai, Greenland, Iceland, Germany, Azores, AND Okinawa. 

After retiring from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s, Toni was the first former cheerleader to come back to assist Suzanne Mitchell on USO/DOD tours up until 1988. 
In the 80’s Toni designed for all 300 CACHE stores and was featured in their one and only catalogue with her “Look of Chanel” earrings. 
Toni served on Frisco ISD PTA - 4 years and Frisco Council of PTA’s - 2 years. 

Toni designs with genuine natural druzy, agate and other semi-precious stones. All designs capture the essence of beauty in the Michael Gabriel Designs collections.  We lovingly work with individuals with special needs in our work room.